Why I am stopping cloth diapering.

When I told my friends and family that I am going to cloth diaper my second born, Zoe, you could hear a pin drop. They were transported back to the days of seri nappy, white terry squares, green sunlight soap and tumble dryers. Puffy waterproofs and folding. Apparently “the endless folding”

I was a smug disposable mom with my first born. Only used Pampers Premium and bought tubes of Bepanthen. I was a super busy magazine editor and did not want to deal with the “extra washing” and perceived smell. I poked fun at people buying cloth nappies at the Baby Expo. Who has time for that? Little did I know just how easy it is to cloth diaper and how much fun (weird to mention diapers and fun in the same sentence- I know!) it would be.

But with Zoe a lot has changed for me. I moved from being the super consumer mom to the green freak mom. No chemicals on my kids, and NO Pampers would ever touch Zoe’s bum. So armed with my bank card, I purchased a stash of Pockets, WAHM Hybrids, Pre-folds and covers. Yes- there we go. I am sure by that time Danny was wondering when the “saving” part is going to start as I spent R13 000 on a beautiful girly stash.

Cloth diapering and I had a beautiful relationship until recently. For 20 odd months they got washed, stuffed with loved and displayed with pride. But then my issues started. Zoe has always been a heavy wetter. A lot of people throw around the term but if you have to change a child’s diaper every 30 minutes because it is soaking wet and her clothes are wet. It is not fun anymore. So with heavy boosting and hemp inserts I gave it another try. Now we only had to change every hour. That in itself is not a train smash. But night times are a nightmare. Literally. No nappy can last  her longer than 4 hours at night. So the household gets woken up by 1 am by a screaming, angry person. She is soaking wet as well as all her bedding. This sucks.

And with this happening now for two weeks straight I can say I broke up with cloth diapers. Not for good. I packed them away neatly in a crate and will be trying them again next summer.

But for now it is hello environmentally friendly disposables. Yes, I know it takes 5 years to decompose but it is still better than the 500 years. I am a firm believer in having the smallest possible environmental footprint but right now I am done.

I know of so many people that have successful cloth diapered until potty training and I have beaten up myself about it for not “getting it right”

But right now after another insane night-

Hello Sleep.

Bye Cloth nappies.

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