Getting your act together.

The last 2 years I had serious growing up to do. I am a mom of 2 kids, with 3 businesses and interest in a fourth. Life is hectic- but here is:

One of the things I see in a most of us is this burning desire to live a life of passion and excitement and abundance.  A life full of doing good, meaningful work. (And an unlimited supply of chocolate that doesn’t go straight to your ass if you are me!)

I mean, seriously, I want that too.  I want to wake up every morning loving my life. I want to be free of doubt, anxiety, and the familiar feeling that somehow, somewhere I’m failing at something.

You know that feeling?

The thrilling part of seeking that passion in your own life is that it serves up lovely questions:  What is your mission in life?  How do you want to feel everyday? What does your big dream like look like? Who do you want to serve?  How do you want to change your world?

It’s vision boards and manifesting and creating your art (whatever your art may be) because to hold it inside physically pains you.  It’s WhatsApp calls with your bestie to hammer out new projects.

It’s the utter faith in your purpose.

And I love all of that.  Hell, I live my life around most of it. And drinking coffee and writing and jamming to visions of my forthcoming empire. That is my cup of tea. I can do it for days.


Ahem, ahem… Creating that life of passion and happiness can be decidedly horrible and hard at times.

You know all those cliches about getting your act together and your ducks in a row?  Yup.  That’s what I’m talking about.  We need to build the strong base in order to jump off the cliff.  We need to put the work into saving, and disciplining, and de-cluttering in order to make time, space, and funding for our dream lives to blossom.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your passion seeking– take a break from forcing the epiphanies. From burning the candle at both ends. From craving passion in every moment.

Give yourself time to just take care of stuff that has nothing to do with your big dreams.

I promise you- by taking time to get your act together- you’ll have this lovely white space to play within. You’ll be less anxious.  You’ll feel accomplished.   Your confidence will skyrocket.

You can get back to passion and art and world domination with renewed energy.

So here is my 10 ways to get your act together:

  1. Money. Think about it and how you spend it.  Stop buying for the sake of buying. Plan and think about purchases. I can not do anything about my kids medical bills, school fees or bond- but I can be more conscious spending money on Woolies trips.
  2. Health: Just make one dietary change and stick with it for a month.   Drink more water.  Eliminate fake sugar.  Stop drinking so much coffee.  Give up alcohol.  What scares you the most?  Try that. (I gave up alcohol- so far so good!)
  3. Relationships: Take a moment to make lists for each of the following questions.  Dedicate one day a week for the next 3 weeks to doing what needs to be done to emerge from this emotional clutter.
    • Who do I need to forgive?
    • Who do I need to thank?
    • Who needs more proof (actions speak louder than words) of my love?
  4. Space: Clear out your living space. Donate extra canned goods or clothing or that old lap top.  What about your creative space?  Do you even have one?  Don’t just keep rearranging the mess- get rid of things.  Even if you just tackle one place (bedside table? car?), you’ll feel the difference.
  5. Work: Look at what you are doing and how do you spend each day. Create positive habits.  Share a big idea you have and take ownership for making it happen.  Be the change you’d like to see in your workplace.
  6. Love:  Have the conversation that needs to happen.
  7. Be painfully honest with yourself- figure that one out!
  8. Spirituality: Pick one — daily prayer, daily meditation, daily walk outside, daily gratitude list– and practice.  5 minutes counts, as long as you’re focusing on something greater than yourself.  Treat this practice with devotion.  Light a candle, create a special chair/pillow combination, buy yourself a spiritual text to study.  Make it special

I found that this really works well, and we can get into the habit of doing those things.

Be great. We only have one life to live.

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