Top 10 things I learned from researching minimalism:

I don’t travel the world with a single backpack.

I don’t live in a 83 square meter apartment with a foldable bed.

I own more than 4 plates.

Still, I just love reading about these amazing people and their intriguing journeys towards transformation. I follow their blogs and enjoy reading about their lives. However, through all this story following, I have found there is not one formula for choosing a simple life… it is not a one-size-fits all t-shirt. No matter what our life looks like, I do believe each and every one of these intentional & devoted people can teach a lesson worth learning.

A kind of minimalism for the rest of us sort of thing.

1) Clear surfaces and uncluttered spaces create calm in the soul.

Disorganization in my environment used to create brain chaos for me. Like seriously. I learned the how-to’s of de-cluttering from almost all of these experienced minimalists and formulated a day-by-day plan to clear out. It is making a huge difference.

2) The habit of saying NO can vastly improve your life.

With each and every post I read on this topic from various bloggers, I gain courage and inspiration to say it loud (yet, politely) and often. No to commitments that aren’t passions…no to stuff from family members and friends…no to social situations that make me feel stressed or uncomfortable. This allows the yes’s in that bring mindfulness and happiness.

3) Be realistic about how much entertaining you do in your home.

I got rid of all of the doubles in my closets and cabinets. Party themed decorations are only items taking up real estate in needed cabinet space. I also found that if there happens to be a need for party gear, people are more than happy to lend it to friends.

4) Choose work that you love and your life will improve overall.

At the moment I am employed unlike many of these simple living experts. I own my own digital advertising agency for 5 years My only problem is I don’t have the gift of separating the hustle from my family life. I’m in awe of people who live on both of those planets successfully—-and even more impressed with people who can do it on the road!

5) Put limits on spending when it comes to offspring.

Although the drama llama is alive and well in my house, I do believe my girls will thank me later. We tell them what our bills are and talk about how important a budget is and have managed to squelch “the gimmees” with service oriented experiences. Somehow a new My Little Pony don’t seem as alluring when there are visions of the destitute and neglected in one’s head.

6) A closet with 33 items really can make your morning (& your life) more efficient.

Who knew? Thank you Google for informing the masses of this little gem. When I first read about Project 333 (more on that in a follow up blog post), I hemmed and hawed as I visually took in my overstuffed closet. I whittled it down in the course of a month. I just got real about what was actually being worn.

7) Choose quality over quantity.

The tea pots, cutting knifes, mascaras, winter coat, purse and lipstick (among many other things) were condensed down to one quality purchase per category. Less stuff, but stuff that will last.

8) Food and exercise can be simplified for maximum health.

All expensive “healthy snacks” (which are really just pre-packaged fare camouflaged in a whole food setting) were banished. We eat raw food–nuts, dried fruit, biltong, tons of veggies & fruit–and it has really kept us well this year.

9) Invest in experiences instead of things.

Luxury cars and second homes are never going to enter the picture with our family—it is now about going places and doing things…

By living simpler, you are automatically happier 🙂

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