Post Natal Depression- The monster in my closet

Due to a PM I received on my comment on the Hippie Parents Facebook group , I’m putting in a picture of how I imagine my Postnatal Depression Monster to look.

I have often joked about how I refer to my PND monster as a “he”, not a “she”.  For me, the answer was one I really had to think about.  But in the end, I believe it’s simply because monster’s are usually huge and strong in a physical sense.  (This has NOTHING to do with my vision of inner strength as I believe “she” monsters would have that in droves too)  And besides, my monster isn’t too scary looking in my mind.  He isn’t “negative” in the frightening sense of what a monster’s image might conjure up for some.  He is uninvited, distracting, and impacting my life in a negative way when he feels like it.

My analogy of comparing my PND to a “monster” centre around my needing to visualize something physical to push back behind a door, to physically move something aside when it’s in the way, to feel victorious when I can no longer see it.  My analogy has my PND monster living in a closet of which he comes out whenever he feels like it to make his presence felt.  It is back into this closet I imagine myself pushing him back.

Perhaps this is also the reason why I see my PND as a monster, because if he were human I would be in all kinds of trouble for my rough handling of the situation. It is my intense hope that one glorious day I will be able to dispose of this closet all together and live my life free from the monster lurking within.

Whilst I also refer to my depression as a “weight” or a “cloud”, these are things much less tangible if I find myself wanting (or needing) to have the satisfaction of defeating them on any given day.  I really hope this makes sense.

So, please find below an image of my PND monster as he appears to me… I am very much hoping he can become a memory in my past of whom I can be proud of knowing and sharing this time with.  One day I know this will be the case… Just not at the moment.  🙂


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