Minimalism explained- why you should try it.

Here is a couple of reasons why I think minimalism is a good idea:

  1. Time- When you simplify your surroundings, you invariably end up applying these new habits to simplify how yo use your time. You end up focussing more on what is important to you. (It also takes up less time cleaning the house as I don’t have to pack away crates full of kids toys and dust countless little thingies I use to collect)
  2. Save some money- As a minimalist you spend your money on quality and not quantity. You won’t be buying items just for the sake of having them. A nice warm winter coat instead of 4 hoodies- in the lines of that. Advertisements no longer guide your purchases and you only buy what you need. The money that you save on buying carelessly can be spend on something more worth while- like a family vacation.
  3. Less stress- This one is indeed one of my favorites. By simplifying your environment you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the things in it. Rather than having all my Instax mini pictures all over the refrigerator, I now placed them neatly in an album. Space and simplicity instead of clutter gives the mind space to create and grow.
  4. Simplified decisions- With minimalism guiding what you buy, what you own and how you spend your time you can make intentional decisions. This means more awareness of how your decisions benefit or harm you.
  5. Health- When you are a practicing minimalist you are also likely to allow this to impact how you eat. If you’re buying food that adds value to your life, it is nourishing food. The health of the planet will also be improved by your minimalist lifestyle. Reducing consumer waste means less garbage and all the ways we try to dispose of it.
  6. End comparison- Comparison is the thief of joy. You no longer care if you have every piece of that Winter collection in your wardrobe. And you don’t feel lesser because you own less. Instead you feel more authentically you, because your things don’t own you or your self perception.
  7. Happiness- You will have more money and less debt.

What is your take on this? Do you think that this is something that might work for you?


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