Mom bullies- YOU SUCK (there- I said it!)

Bullying and cyber bullying receives a lot of attention nowadays- and it is mostly in talks between parents about whose kid is bullying who and the dangers of cyber bullying on social media- especially when it happens to your daughter.

It seems like it is mostly focussed on kids and teenagers. All you have to do is go on a parenting forum and read about other kids literally being tormented by other kids about their shoes, their hair or their sexual orientation. Bullying in itself is not new- gosh- I was four eyes since Kindy class right through primary school. It made me so self conscious about wearing glasses that I got contact lenses as soon as the optometrist reckoned I was old enough. I was 15.

But in the new era of smart phones, super fast internet and social media- the reach of the bully got further.

But we spend so much time in teaching our kids not to bully, to play nice and to be kind. But for all the time we spend teaching them how NOT to bully, have we ever thought about where they see this behavior from? But what on earth are we up to?

I have a lot of mom friends (obviously- I am a mom after all) and have seen bullying on the next level the past couple of weeks.

It is no secret that I am very active on Facebook and various other social media. It is my job after all and I am actively involved in various online communities. I love interacting with people and the feeling that we as moms can support each other.

But you know what I absolutely HATE? Mom bullies.

These moms makes day to day community management on social media absolutely hell. They meet you in person and judge and roll their eyes behind your back. They snub less popular moms publicly. They will even private message you or shoot your efforts down. The moms that feel it is okay to blast people on their Facebook activity/ pages and groups and hide behind veiled, vague snarks about another moms commitment or activity. The mom that is nice to your face, but who can barely wait for you to leave the room before she makes rude remarks. And newsflash bully mom- it always make it back to that persons ears.

No matter how I would like to believe that bullying is a school problem, I have to admit today that not so much. Mom bullies are alive and well and trolling the parking lot at school and trolling you on social media. And it does not matter how strong your self esteem is, and your confidence levels, a run in with the mom bully will leave you feeling like the 3 year old H with the glasses in Kindy Class.

We might be grown ass moms, but we still want to be liked. We still have little girl hearts that gets hurt and bleed when we feel less worthy because of the mom bully.

Mom bullies- You suck. Really you do. And you will be the first to ask why the hell your child is a bully. Just remember that your child will learn your behavior. Monkey see, monkey do.

That brings me to my last point- on the Hippie Parents Facebook group there is NO BULLYING. Why? Because each and every parent that is on their is their true self. They show compassion. They help. They are not a bully bunch. Not one of them. 350 plus parents and not a single bully moment.

I have realized that women can work together, can support each other as it takes a village to raise your kids and we need all the support we can get.

Lets be better people and better moms. Let’s stop this. There is enough place in the sun for everybody- I promise!

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