Washing your woven wrap 101- a quick guide

You get woven wraps in a variety of fiber combinations. In the beginning the choices that is out there can seem crazy and complicated. Below is a very basic list of blends and some washing instructions. (Thank you Didymos website!)

Cotton: Cotton is a hard working fiber and it can take the punch. It is easy to care for and you can pop it in the washing machine and can be tumble dried on low. Pure cotton fabrics can be washed at temperatures up to 60°C on a low spin cycle. Cotton wraps like Girasol is soft enough to wrap a newborn, but strong enough to carry a toddler. Cotton has a tendency to be a little on the warm side, but it is breathable and very versatile.

Linen: I absolutely LOVE linen wraps. Some can be tough to break in but they are worth it. They offer great support as they are sturdy. Once broken in they are buttery soft. Linen and linen blend wraps are easy to care for and usually doesn’t require any special care. It does have a tendency to be wrinkly (in case you have that OCD- stay clear) They can be washed in the machine and tumble dried on low. You can also line dry or flat dry them.
Hemp: Hemp is Imke’s favorite wrap. It can have an intimidating feel to it, but once broken in it is super supportive, soft and snuggly.  Hemp is fairly easy to care for and loves heat, so a warm wash is a great way to break in hemp, and don’t be afraid to throw it in the tumble dryer.

Wool: I am intimidated by wool in all honesty. Weirdly so as I have a slight Sloomb obsession… The great thing about wool is that it is surprisingly breathable and one of the fluffiest fibers. Caring for wool is not as hard as one might think- hand wash in lukewarm water (as you don’t want the wool the felt), never roughly agitating it. Use wool wash (like Unicorn wash or Sloomb Wool wash bar). Let it lie for 30 minutes. Wash gently. No rubbing. Rinse and dry flat. No tumble drying- ever! Only downside that I can find on the wool wraps is that it might be to warm to use for a South African typical highveld winter.

Cashmere:  Soft and cuddly and full of bounce. They can be quite pricey but a must have for the wrap addicts.. The care required is similar to the wool care described above. Also no tumble drying and delicate care.

Silk: Silk wraps are fantastic for small babies and depending on the specific wrap, may be good for bigger kids as well. It has amazing drape and sheen and can be quite slippery. Silk requires special care and should be stored in a dark place. Only wash in lukewarm water and never tumble dry. Hand washing is usually recommended, but if machine washing it is important to use a delicate setting and the lowest spin cycle available. Damp silk fabrics are sensitive to light and should not be dried directly in the sun. No tumble drying for these beauties. For ironing select “silk” setting, without steam. Perfume and deodorants may cause stains. I own a silk wrap which is my pride and joy.

I won’t recommend tumble drying your wrap each time as it can be very exhausting for the fibers.




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