12 thoughts every mom with a sick child has

  1. I should have seen this coming. 

Eating too much tomatoes has never been a good idea. But yesterday coming home rushing to put my bags down and starting supper I remotely remember Khloe asking me if she can have cherry tomatoes. Being the hippie mom that I am I was like ‘Yeah, good idea. I saw some growing by the chicken coop.” Actually- crap idea. As she decided to eat literally EVERYTHING that was on the plant including the green ones.

2. Should I call the doctor?

After a night of vomiting and severe stomach cramps I was really considering it. I was also googling “tomato poisoning”.

3. What am I going to tell the doctor?

Hi doctor, I have been the lazy parent sending my child to go look for food in the garden. I think she ate way to many tomatoes. What now?

4. I love you, but this is the 5th time you woke me up. Right now I wish I could knock you out. 

Enough said!

5. Right now I need my mom. 

Wish last night my mom was here. To take care of the BOTH of us.

6. I wish you can get better. 

And that normally goes with “I promise not to get upset if you run like mad with the dogs through the house”

7. How can so much vomit/ poop come out of such a tiny skinny person?

8. I wish you weren’t sick, but it is weird how much I am getting done today versus the times you with me at work and you are fine. 

9. Thank goodness for Activated charcoal (insert your remedy here) 

10. I wish you could just explain to me in CLEAR TERMS what exactly is wrong/ going on with you.

11. I wish I could be sick and you okay. 

12. Wish daddy could take a turn to clean up the mess!

Moral of the story- too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing.

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