Bye Disposables, Hello Cloth!

I was a proud Pampers premium mom with Khloe. I use to giggle at moms that I thought had waaaay to much time on their hands that cloth diapered their babies. Who has got the time to wash and fold those terry squares? Goodness. Fast forward 3 years later and I started investigating cloth diapers.

Reason why I did that was when I went to the Baby Expo I visited the Fancypants stand. I was surprised to find out all the available options there are when it comes to cloth diapering as well as the amount of money I could potentially save- which of course grabbed my attention.

It takes round about 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. So what that means that if Shakespear wore disposables we would still have them in the landfill. That was also one of the deciding factors for me.

But I was not in the mood for pins and waterproofs…

With modern cloth daipers you can say goodbye to pins, snappies and big terry squares and the daunting task of keeping those white beauties sparkly white. Easily laundered modern cloth diapers are the new thing. With snaps or Velcro closures, waterproof banding around the waist and legs, and natural, breathable fibers that require no soaking, cloth diapers can be a more palatable choice than you may imagine.

And they are quite fashionable, as they come in a multitude of pretty prints and designs. And for people like me who is seriously worried about the chemicals in disposables, using cloth will make you sleep easy. And no more poop explosions. Great! And add to this the potential savings and you may want to give cloth diapering a try.

The Cost:
The cost over three years will be between R3000 and R5000 (this is if you use pockets or AIO diapers and a few night diapers. This amount will be A LOT LESS should you decide to use flats and covers!), less than half as much as disposables. And diapering a second child will only cost you the laundry.

Home Laundering 101
Don’t worry that your house will become a toxic stinky waste dump. There’s no longer any need to soak, rinse, or flush a diaper. Simply shake solids into the toilet and drop the diaper into a plastic-lined pail after a change. When the pail is full, tip into your washer. Pre rinse once, wash once with a detergent on the longest cycle and re-rinse. Don’t use bleach. Rinse twice to be sure all residue detergent is completely rinsed away and dry on the line. Not as bad as you thought! And it won’t leave your washer stinky. I promise you that.

What you need.
You’ll need about 30 diapers if you get to the wash every third day with a toddler. Younger babies and especially breastfed babies may use more. Currently I have a smaller stash and I wash every third day and I find 24 is more than enough currently.

My favorite diapers:

  1. Pockets from Fancypants (Bamboo pockets) or Bumblebee Babies with hemp/bamboo inserts
  2. The Bumblebee Babies AIO (greatly priced too!) Grovia AIO or the Fancypants AIO. I am a big fan of AIO diapers as they require very little work.
  3. PiPaPo hybrid/ SIO – The fit is amazing and it is a SUPER trim WAHM nappy.
  4. Poopsy Daisy Sweetdreams night time solution or the PiPaPo night nappies. Great for cloth diapering at night as it is super thirsty nappies.

Have a look at these websites where you can shop for cloth diapers online:

  1. Little Sam’s – Grovia-
  2. PiPaPo – Fancypants and PiPaPo Nappy Boutique-
  3. Bumblebee babies:
  4. Poopsy Daisy-

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