REVIEW: Bumblebee Babies AIO

If you know me you would of know that I LOVE all things natural, and that would include cloth diapering. I am always happy to share experiences and what I find work for me with others. A while ago I wrote a blog article “Why I stopped cloth diapering” ( on the challenges that I was facing.

But my cloth strike did not last long. Buying eco- disposable diapers broke the bank and I missed the little round cloth bum.

But then I got asked to review the new Bumblebee Babies AIO. And that started the cloth journey for me again!

Ok, me

I’m a cloth-diapering mum. I’ve used almost every system out there, from old-fashioned terry flats and snappies, prefolds, bamboo fitteds, pockets, fitted diapers, hybrids, SIO from WAHMS. I like to think I know what I’m doing, and tend to be an evangelist for the #makeclothmainstream cause.

The Tester

Is little Zoe, 23months old, 80 cm tall and about 11kg’s (skinny with normal thighs) She’s always been an extremely heavy wetter (12-15 diapers a day, close to 40 a day as a young baby).

The AIO review. 

The diaper comes with two sewn in inserts. Microfiber topped with a double layer of bamboo. You can boost it too as there is an option available where the diaper comes with a pocket which you can stuff with the insert of your choice.  It has both waist snaps, rise snaps (vertical), and crossover snaps for newborns It is a super trim diaper, despite being a one-size from birth to when you would potty train. The outer waterproof layer is PUL, like most modern pocket diapers.

The Company:

The company importing these diapers is Bumblebee Babies. It is owned by Tamryn-Lee Semper which is also a cloth mum and very passionate about supplying quality, affordable cloth diapers. Ordering from them is painless and quick as they have an online store where you can order from. Shipping is also quick and you can also collect from them in Randburg.

What I really liked:

  1. Lots of snaps for getting the perfect fit. The snaps are harder to undo than velcro.
  2. It comes with a stay dry microsuede inner.
  3. The inserts are sewn in and really absorbent.
  4. They are trim enough to fit under normal clothes like jeans.
  5. It is very easy to wash and dry quickly too.
  6. No stuffing/ folding and driving yourself nuts with baskets full of inserts that need to be sorted after wash day. You just fold them nicely. 

What I did not like

  1. Inserts contains microfiber. That in itself is not a problem at all. But if you don’t do your cloth diaper laundry properly you might end up with a stink issue.

All in all this is the BEST value for money (R100 and under) AIO that is currently on the market. It is perfect for busy mums and it is a cost effective option for cloth diapering.

I am so happy with them that I ordered more. As I said before they are perfect for working mums that don’t have time to stuff pockets or sort through baskets full of inserts.

They are available online at


Views are my own and based on my experience using them in a rotation of other diapers.


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