Product Review- Katy Kruger New Hollywood Bag

I have always been a handbag girl. In my teenage years one could have called it an obsession. Then I had kids. And I was in need of the perfect handbag. I have all sorts of handbags- big and small to huge shoppers. I have a variety of colors and designs- but I have always been searching for THE ONE.

So recently I bought a Katy Kruger 100% leather Hollywood design handbag. I fell in love with the leather and all the pockets. Could this be the handbag I was searching for?

So here is a little bit on Katy Kruger SA

Katy Kruger SA collaborates with other passionate designers and offers an international sales platform for them to display and sell their unique wares. Their handbags and accessories are made for every day use . Superior craftsmanship, passion and value for money is the core of their brand. Katy Kruger is a proudly South African company that manufactures products that is handmade and sourced locally. 

The product:

The bag that I bought is a 100% cows hide, hand cut and stitched to perfection handbag from their Classic Bags collection. Reason I decided on the New Hollywood bag was that I really liked the design. The bag is simple and functional. Lots of space and not too big.


I have to say the moment I opened the box and saw my new Hollywood bag I was in love. All Katy Kruger packages gets delivered via courier and is wrapped in the companies branded paper. It is like opening a gift. This hand bag is perfect in every way possible. Whether your carrying it as a stylish work bag, a meet up for drinks bag or into a board meeting it- the uses are endless. The bag comes with a beautiful key charm as well. What I really love about this bag is that it does not matter whether I go out at night or go to work, I never have to change my handbag.

The bags dimensions are as follows:  H: 20cm, W: 36cm and L 25cm which is actually perfect for me who likes to carry all kind of things with me. Having two girls I believe you can never be underprepared- so it can fit all my goodies.

It fits my full size wallet, an A5 notebook and a pack of wet wipes, a small cosmetic bag and my insanely large phone.

The interior of the bag is the signature Katy Kruger SA brown lining. It is study and of amazing quality. The zips on the bag also never jamms- something that I can appreciate a lot.

This bag has quickly became my favorite handbag and since I received it in February I have been using it all the time. The leather is super soft and stays beautiful. It is also easy to clean.

This is really by far my favorite handbag and that is why I can recommend it to you.

Well done Katy Kruger- you gained a customer for life.

Ps- You can view the full range of handbags and accessories on They also have an AMAZING easy to use online store. Delivery is quick and painless.

Go have a look and tell me what you think!

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  • Agree 100%! LOVE my K.K. bag too.
    Great quality and even better service. From when I placed my order to delivery was less than 24 hours. How’s that for service?! Quick, easy & painless online shopping.
    Have received loads of compliments on my bag. And I love that my iPad fits easily. My bag is stylish enough for day or evening use.
    Definitely a client for life!

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