Raising girls? Here is 7 Fun facts

Girls are all sugar and spice and everything nice- maybe true in some extent. But don’t expect life your teeny tiny princess to be one big rainbows and unicorns party.

1.Surprise!  Boys and girls are more similar than parents think. And by raising girls you can not fall in the trap of gender stereotyping. But with that being said- by raising a girl means you are going to see a lot if familiar female traits unfold. Like the love of boots- Zoe likes the rubber Wellies lookalikes and Khloe loves leather, fashionable boots.

2. Girls are curious! They also climb on things, jump wildly on the trampoline and climb bugler bars, but they are more inclined to do their daring deeds with your favorite nail polish/ eyeshadow . (Our white bullterrier got painted… And it was a mission to get Juno white again)

3. Girls are easier to deliver- On average, moms giving birth to girls have a sorter labour. Reason- female newborns tend to be statistically smaller than boys. Although I am sure that it is not always the case!

4. Girls are fun to dress! It is fun to dress them in sweet little leggings, swirly skirts and headbands. There is something about having girls that brings out the “primal dress them up” in me. But here is the other thing- girls develop their own fashion sense very young and that is where the fun and games start. But it is good to let them explore their own femininity and identity from a young age..

5. Girls can be chatty- Not every man is the strong and silent type and not every women is the chatty type, but girls tend to talk sooner than boys and also reach the 300 word vocabulary mark sooner. Girls also gesture more.

6. Girls copy their moms- Both boys and girls mimic grow up behaviors as a means of how to act in the real world. Want to broaden her horizon? Let her see how you can do “manly jobs” too.

7. Girls make great playmates-  There is nothing more fun than to introduce them to some of my childhood favorites like My Little Pony. We can sit for hours and play together and it is such a lovely way to forget about the world. They also love building with Lego Duplo and we build little towns and cars and dream about far away places..

In all honesty I can say there is nothing in life I enjoy more than being a girl mom and painting their little nails and baking with them.

Are you a mom of girls? What is your favorite thing of having girls?

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