RANT ALERT: Hello. I am a millennial.

I’m sick of doing something awesome, only for someone to say they’re surprised a millennial could do it. Same with my company- most of us are under 35, except the head of copy writing and our head of finance. What the hell does that have to do with anything? I guess all I’m and my fellow millennials are good for is a great subject for other generations to bitch about. Guess what? Other generations have their problems, too. Millennials really do get a bad rap, and I’m sick of it. So let’s play a game of Millennial Myth Busters.

I’m not entitled. I don’t think I deserve anything but a fair chance. I don’t expect to be given anything just because of my generation- which would be ridiculous anyway. I don’t expect being handed a 5 figure job just because I went to university, but I do expect a livable wage for my efforts.

2. I’m not a selfish brat. I can’t stand bratty people. I’ve been accused of it and it pisses me off. Usually, it’s other brats who seem to have a problem with me. Imagine that!

3. I didn’t demand university fees from my parents. My dad did pay for my first degree as he insisted that I go and study law. All the rest was paid for by myself. And most millennials I know put themselves through varsity and work really hard to make it happen for themselves.

4. I work hard for my money. I’m tired of being called lazy because of the generation I was born into. I don’t think I’m special, most of the millennials are hard workers. I work hard for every rand I earn. As a result, I don’t take money for granted and I’m better at my job, too.

5. I have a life outside social media. Big surprise! Yes my generation is social media obsessed but I do have a real life and a real job. I just happen to enjoy social media- a lot.

6. I don’t party life away. I have better things to do than party all the time. I really enjoy a good kuier session- I work hard, and kuier hard too.

7. I’m pretty damn proud of sobriety. I don’t get why it’s a thing to talk about how much you drank this weekend or post drunken selfies. And we millennials aren’t the only ones guilty of that.

8. I sleep late, but only because I work at night. The moment someone finds out I sleep past 6 a.m., I’m labeled as a lazy millennial. Hello, some people work different shifts. Late nights works the best when writing for my clients, so of course I sleep later. Same goes for the people I work with- they prefer working at night. So if you work until 2am I am sure you can sleep late.

9. I’m not a stereotype. The term “millennial” encompasses so many different stereotypes, both good and bad. I’m not a stereotype. I’m a woman. I’m a human. Enough with hating me just because I was born in the late 80s.

10. I’m not overly sensitive. I can’t turn on the news without seeing people (hello Generation X) protesting or bitching over something stupid. The dear Generation X is always complaining about freedom of speech, but the moment someone disagrees, they want free speech banned. (see what I did, not so nice when someone is stereotyping you is it?)

11. I’m open-minded, but not naive. If it’s online, it must be true, right? NOT! I’m very open-minded, but I’m not so naive as to believe anything I see or read. Unlike other generations that will forward you the same spam crap or the Type “AMEN” messages. Enough with that.

12. I don’t have to live on my phone. I was a late iPhone adopter. Now, I love it. Still, I can walk, talk, drive a car and socialize face to face without my phone.

13. I have a mirror —but I love selfies. 

14. I know what’s going on in the world. 

15. I’m not flighty. Businesses used to previous generations are annoyed with millennials. Apparently we love to take a job and quit a few months later. When I make a commitment, I stick to it. Yes, I’ll change jobs, but my resume isn’t going to list 10 different companies every year as I try to figure out what I want.

So don’t hate to much on us millennials… Most are just like me and are sick of the stereotypes.

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