Happiness Is…

Happiness. What is happiness? I choose to believe the definition of happiness depends on who you ask. Say you ask my five year-old “what makes you happy?” You may find yourself with the simple answer of Dr Seuss or bubble baths; but if you ask someone much older, you may get a completely different answer.

Happiness is whatever makes you feel good inside, whatever makes you motivated daily. Many children growing up in today’s society have been self conscious on who they truly are. How can they come out to their parents and say who they have a crush on, knowing their parents may not approve.

Why is it that teen pregnancy tends to be more acceptable than liking someone of the same gender? Why is it that in public you get sideways looks for even being with someone of a different race? Why can people not allow others to be happy? Why is it so hard for someone to be okay with another person’s happiness?

My dad always says “if they can live with it, I will learn to live beside it.” Sure, change is hard for some people, older generations are stuck in the same mindset that if you are not doing what you are taught to do, then you should keep it hush hush. Why?

If this makes me happy, why can I not be open with it? Why can I not show it off? If I can live with it, why can you not learn to live beside it? Being open minded in a world with a narrow minds is so so hard. Being able to look at someone and see past their skin color is easy for me, but hard for so many other people. I not only see their colour, but I see the beauty in their personality also.

I heard someone say once “for people to say they do not see color is bullshit. Everyone see’s color and your race/color makes you who you are,” which is true in some way. Every race has different traditions, different foods they eat, different church services, different religions. Every race has a different background. With this being said, every race has bad apples. Not everyone of a certain race is bad, and not every one in that same race is good.

According to Make beats not beat downs, about 30 percent of all completed suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis. Do you want your child to be next? Do you want the blood of someone else on your hands? Allow yourself to accept the fact that not everyone is like you and that some people have different preferences than you do.

People in interracial relationships and gay people- we are human. We have feelings. And we are just as human as the next person. Leave people alone and allow them to be who they are. Do not be the reason someone looses their child. Love is love, show your love and accept people for who they are, and allow them to be happy. Teach your children and even yourself that we are all equal no matter what.

Know the war you are fighting for and also ask yourself if it is worth the fight. I believe if it is a fight for your happiness, go for it, do not back down. At the end of the day, you are the only one who has to get yourself to sleep, who has to deal with the fact if you are happy or not, the person who gave you a sideways look or the person who wrote those mean things to you, is sleeping perfectly fine in their bed. Smile at those giving you those dirty looks. Do not stoop to their level—be yourself and be happy. Know your war and defeat your enemy. Fight for your happiness.

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  • I think as parents we need to pace ourselves. Coming to terms with your child’s sexual orientation is not nearly as hard as coming to terms with the fact that they choose differently from what you’ve been dreaming about they lives for them for years.

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