5 Top tips for baby wearing in winter.

I really, really love baby wearing.

It’s a beautiful thing when you can combine snuggling close to your baby with being hands free and getting things done.  Wearing your baby is great for around the house and for enjoying the outdoors- even in winter.

Now that the temperatures dropped you might be feeling discouraged from wearing your baby out in the cold winter weather but don’t let that stop you.  Below you’ll find my five tips for babywearing in the winter to keep you and baby warm while participating in all of the winter fun.

1. Layers

This is fairly obvious but I thought I’d mention it all the same.

You probably already are going to be dressing your baby in layers if the weather is cold regardless if you plan to babywear or not. I bring it up particularly though because while babywearing, your baby will be up close next to you getting your body warmth. That’s why layers are a good idea. You can always just strip a layer off if your baby starts to get hot and then add it back on if you take him or her out of the carrier where they might be more chilly. This also works great if you are going to be going from outside to inside.

2. Coats, Vest, Ponchos, Fleece Covers, etc.

Some babywearing companies make gear specifically for the cold. Didymos makes great babywearing jackets. You’re sure to find the right level of warmth for your climate if you do a little searching. I find that wearing a thermal vest and a long sleeve hoodie is enough when I use my wrap in winter. And, of course you can just buy a coat in a size or two larger that will fit over your baby while wearing.

3. Baby Leggings

I love baby leggings not just for their total cuteness factor. And this is the one that applies to babywearing, when her pant legs hike up when I put her in a carrier or wrap her in a wrap, the baby leggings stay put! That means her little leg on the bottom is not exposed to the cold air but wrapped in warm and super cute leggings.

4. Wraps

If you have been mainly just using a soft structured carrier, you may want to try a wrap for the winter months.Of course, you can still easily and warmly wear your baby in a soft structured carrier using the tips above but a wrap is a great way to keep baby nice and warm that you may not have tried. For smaller, younger babies a stretchy wrap like the PiPaPo stretchy wrap is a nice warm soft blanket that is cozy warm. For bigger, older babies you can try a woven wrap in a material like wool that is warmer.Depending on the carry, a wrap can have more than one layer of fabric passed around your baby adding layers of warmth and comfort.

5. Beanies

I’ll finish off my list with an obvious one: beanies. I love all of the fun hats and beanies for babies. I think the ones with fleece lined insides are great for the extra cold months and you may want to consider a style that ties underneath the chin. I know my little monkey loves to pull off her hats! Also try to find a hat that will cover your child’s ears to keep the cold winter wind out.

So, here you go! Lets wear all the babies this winter 🙂

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