Budget babywearing at its best.

I spend a lot of my time (maybe too much in all honesty) looking and researching woven wraps and the different fabric blends online. And I particularly love it when someone wants to learn how to wrap their baby as we all know that babies want to be close to their mothers and there are amazing benefits in wearing your baby.

But in all honesty not a lot of people in South Africa can afford the “Ferrari’s of the wrap world” at the moment and lately a local company, PiPaPo, brought in good quality woven wraps at a really affordable price. I was intrigued.

I did a test: I had R1000.00 and wanted to buy an imported woven wrap. What are my options.

So I went shopping…

And I found- Yaro imported and localy represented by PiPaPo.

For R850 I bought a Yaro stars Size 5 Space Rainbows. It is a 100% cotton 240gsm wrap. It is a beautiful machine woven wrap. What I really like about this wrap is the fact that it is nice and wide: 76cm after being washed. (Most woven wraps average between 59 and 63cm) And the extra width is very useful when wrapping an older child- especially one who has the obsession with arms in or tea bottle in hand. When Zoe is awake and we are out she will keep her arms out of the wrap- but when she is sleepy she loves being tightly wrapped on my back with her arms in. This means I have to ensure there’s enough wrap for her to nestle down in if the mood take takes her. This Yaro is wide enough to provide a nice deep seat with plenty left over for a snug, supportive wrap right up to the nape of her neck. The softened up very quickly- more so than other cotton blends I owned before. Even though I would never advise it, I couldn’t resist a quick up to try it out before washing. Even brand new, it was easy to mold, tighten and tie off. Zoe just couldn’t wait when she saw it.

The Space Rainbows pattern has a wonderful three-dimensional texture, allowing the wrap to glide when you’re tightening, and grip once it’s in place. The silver colour way really works with this design. It is a really beautiful reversible wrap– it definitely has the appearance of a wrap worth a lot more than it actually cost.

It’s not a heavyweight wrap, and once washed and ironed, it became seriously floppy and easy to use. I think it would be an ideal wrap for a new wrapper with a smaller baby because it breaks in with no effort and would make for delightfully soft single-layer carries with a little squish.

My base size is a 5 so initially I stuck to a double hammock when back carrying, to avoid falling over the tails. In a double layer carry like this, the wrap is perfectly supportive for my 2 year old.

All-in-all, this is an incredible wrap for the price. You’d be hard pressed to find something that breaks in so easily, wraps so effortlessly and looks so stylish for under R1000. Yaro wraps are really starting to make a name for themselves, and deservedly so. New releases tend to sell out quite quickly and sadly some are already being re-sold for significantly more than the original retail price on international babywearing BST pages. But they seem keen to keep on reweaving popular designs and releasing new blends, colourways and patterns all the time. I’ve been impressed with the feel and quality of their Ramie wrap as well, and am very much looking forward to giving the hemp blend a try soon. As long as there’s a plentiful supply of new wraps coming out they’ll hopefully remain a great choice for people looking for a budget friendly wrap.

PiPaPo does pre-orders on the wraps so keep an eye out on their Facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/PiPaPoSA/ on when the next pre-order is!

Love and light and #wearallthebabies!

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