Happy Birthday Ouma!

I’ve always seen my ouma as a superhero. She is beautiful and she is a boss- don’t think it gets better than that…

She always looked at me as a child with pure love and now as I’m an adult she looks up to me in admiration and I still see the love in her eyes. The same love that has been there for 31 years of my life.

So, here is why I think she is pure GOLD!

    1. All the times when she tells my dad to leave me alone and I just sit there with the biggest satisfied victory smile.
    2. That time when I was a kid and she let me have 2 cookies
    3. She knows how to make me laugh at my lowest times.
    4. She is one of the funniest people I know.
    5. Her advice is on point. Like if you hate your job, just think how much you will hate being at home unemployed and bored.
    6. She gives the best life hacks (like: use white vinegar on the stains on my white school shirts)
    7. She always gave me a little bit of extra money weekly when I had to go back to boarding school.
    8. She is my biggest fan.
    9. My low tolerance of crap comes from her…
    10. She always told me never to compete for a man’s attention. “Daar is sweerlik n miljoen van hulle. Maar onthou- daar is net een soos jy!”
    11. She is a feminist.
    12. She believes in doing what truly makes you happy. And supported me when I left my job (24 hours notice) to start my own business.
    13. Her confidence. My ouma is more than just beautiful. And she does not define herself by her attributes. She always stress how important intelligence is.
    14. She teaches me confidence and self worth.
    15. She loves coffee as much as I do.

Happy birthday ouma! And I promise this year to work more on my Afrikaans writing skills. And to live more and to be more in the moment.

Al my liefde,




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