Dreams,changes and passions

Let’s be honest about this – we are living in a world full of sudden and unexpected changes. From our little dreams when we were kids to the things we ought to do for the week, it only shows that we are creatures of change. But, why do we change? Have you ever wondered how a cheerful, optimistic person suddenly turns into a monster of sadness and pain? How does a 90-minute sit on the N1 to home changes one’s mood? How do we become so religious and spiritual when life gets us into trouble?

I know most of us will definitely answer that priorities change due to various life circumstances that may come along, but that answer does not suffice my craving for the answer to all kinds of questions. The longing for the key to solve mysteries still clings, like how most of us cling to what has happened before…  The overthinking of a situation. I am always looking for answers, yet I am left with a void.

“How does one become so happy today and sad the next? Why do we stop living our life when we lose somebody over death? Why do we need to move on if we have had always been happy cherishing every moment of the past?

I have grown mentally and emotionally, and I realized that I have grown tired of waiting for people. In my line of work it is unfortunately something that happens a lot- waiting for a client to send artwork, waiting on approval, waiting for a magazine to publish your article. Waiting, waiting and more waiting. I am a very patient person, but it is getting to me.

I’ve learnt to finally accept that despite being good to most people around you, life will still be a bitch. We could never please everybody, and that contributes to the changing of priorities in this life. Pleasing everybody makes everything worse because the very best thing that we could do about it is to accept that some people are real and some not really. Not everybody will love you. That is the harsh but truthful fact about living in this world.

So this is what I actually want to say:

WE can never give the same love to two different people.
WE cannot give something that we didn’t really have in the first place.
WE can never fake happiness.
WE are not in love unless we really feel it.
WE can un-love somebody.
WE can let it go.
WE can stop if we are tired.
WE should not stop learning.
WE should work our way up.
WE can forget things.
WE cannot be the same person we were a few years back.
WE cannot be somebody else to complete others.
WE can get hurt if we want to.
WE can get sad, too.

But above everything, we can dream and we can change. We live and we can be happy.

Live passionately. You are only here once

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