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If you’ve been a regular reader here for a while, it’s likely you already know I have two of the cutest dogs in SA.

Well, one is a full grown ass Doberman named Kenzo and a little ISIS terrorist named Juno.

Being a dog mom is almost as great as being a mom to humans. Sometimes better. Sometimes worse. In fact, today I realized that Juno (the 11 month old bullterrier) and Zoe (the 2 year old) have the same ideas about life in general:
1. Both like to be loud and by loud I mean as loud as possible.

2. Both like to eat stuff off the floor.

3. Both like sleeping in Kenzo’s bed.

4. Both like to dig in the garden.

5. Both don’t eat peas.

  • Both enjoy hanging out in crates
  • Both like to dig in the dirt
Also as some of you know, I struggle with anxiety from time to time. Hands down, my dogs are the best medicine for getting me through those rough days. Even if sometimes when I have a rough day at work, Kenzo will put his head on my lap and just look at me with his big brown eyes.
I bought both dogs. Kenzo from a reputable breeder and Juno from a lady. Both are pure bred and registered. Don’t ask me why because I am not planning of ever breeding with them. I know better.
I am a huge advocate for animal adoption. I’ve worked with several animal shelters and have owned rescue animals myself.  BUT it is possible to find reputable breeders that help you find the dog that is right for your family. I might get some backlash on this post, and I hope I don’t. But I want people to realize that there are ways to get a dog from a breeder that is totally ethical. Especially in the case of Kenzo. Khloe was still a baby when we got Kenzo and they literally grew up together. I tried to adopt a bullterrier but my gosh that was nearly impossible. (That will be a story for another day-!!!)So we found Juno.
I know I cannot picture my life without a dog in it. I’ve had dogs my entire life and it’s been so much better for it. While dogs are a huge responsibility and require a lot of time, money and energy, they are worth it if you have the ability to get one and properly care for it. Being a dog mom is the best. <3

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