On starting school

Dear Little Kitty Cat Zo,

Tonight, I tucked you into bed for the last time as my baby. Tomorrow you will officially start school. In the blink of an eye, you have gone from the tiny baby that I held in my arms to a little girl that I love to wrap and jump on the trampoline with.

It is crazy how quickly time went by, you are my last born and my tiny human. Everything about us scares me, how close we are and how the two of us live in perfect harmony with one another. In sync, almost if we are one soul inhabiting two bodies.

It is also amazing how far we have come- us three girls always busy with something. Either we are playing outside, baking or laying on the couch reading. I was scared having you at first as I was well aware of the risks. But I am truly happy I did. The second I got to hold you all my fears melted away. I knew we were going to be okay.

You are spirited and strong. That is why I am not scared. You are the strongest little person I know. Never lose that- stay curious and stay brave. I have no fear of you going into the world tomorrow as I know you can do this. Like you always say- “mama, I got this!” Just always stray true to yourself.

In just a few hours, we will get into the car and I will drop you off at school. I will walk away from you. You won’t see me cry but my heart will ache as you walk through those school doors, but it’s not because I am sad. I’m sad because you are growing up so fast. Proud of the little girl who is fearless to start on this new journey. Proud of my little fire who told me she couldn’t wait to go to school so that she could learn something new and make new friends.

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