Some things never change

(There is no real point to this post- so be warned…)

They (whoever they are) say that change is the only constant. I somehow have to disagree with that. As I am a creature of habit. Like a cat. I like to do the same things at the same time every day as for some weird reason it makes me feel safe. Safe in the sense of that I have my routine- I know what to expect and I can plan around it. It is not that I am not spontaneous- I can be. But with most things I like to plan. Fail to plan. Plan to fail… I guess that is why I enjoy my job so much- it sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone. Into the unknown where all I can do is try and place the puzzle together as quickly as possible. I live my life with no regrets (got the tattoo to prove it) but I am also a firm believer in not making the same mistake twice. Once bitten, I won’t just be twice as shy, I will stay clear.

I was thinking this morning (I am actually supposed to write an article on the use of robotics for industrial automation- see, Thursday mornings are for writing) that there are certain things that I think will never change for me.

And they are:

  1. I don’t like milk in my coffee unless it is Jacobs/ Nescafe/ Ricoffee. And people should not spin me the bullshit that it is filter coffee and then it is an Americano. I am Afrikaans and knows my boeretroos well.
  2. I am a picky eater. I will maybe once a week eat meat if I am out and there are no other options. I don’t like oily food at all and will starve most probably before I eat that.
  3. I kind of  like my life in the suburbs now- even though some days I wish to be free. I like the fact that I have milk in my fridge, food in the freezer, apples and bread and an endless supply of coffee. I get to sleep in the same bed with my favourite pillow, dog on the floor and kid in the bed. Works for me.
  4. I don’t drink Brandy or ever will. Not even Cognac as it smells the same to me. I am not cultured enough for that I was told and I can’t handle the smell of it.
  5. I hate water bottles that you can’t open completely to drink. I. Just. Can’t.
  6. I am addicted to reading and always have a book in the car/ in my work bag/ next to my bed.
  7. I live on a different planet half the time as I day dream… And that is why I end up sometimes working late as I have to catch up. Because I was most probably staring out of my office window 25% of the day.
  8. It can be said that I am a good mother but I make a terrible wife… I am not a very good housekeeper and have two wonderful ladies helping me. I am better playing outside with the kids or baking with them.
  9. I tend to land up in tricky situations because I am way to trusting. I always see the good in people and believe that they are good and then they show me otherwise.
  10. I love traveling to places that no one has ever heard of- like Klawer, Nieuwoudtville,  die Knersvlake etc. But I love coming back to Johannesburg- driving through the busy streets in town and feeling the energy. But I know one day I will leave this for my true love- the Karoo.

Anyway- that article is not going to write itself. So I better get started.




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