The rules that does not exist

You are allowed to break the rules

Not the kind of rules about taxes and speed limits, but the ones that keep you from living a life of awesome.

We are constantly bombarded with rules that don’t exist:

  • You will not eat dessert first
  • You must colour inside the lines
  • You will not have purple hair
  • You will not have visible tattoos at work

You are allowed to break the rules!

Life is supposed to be fun. We knew this instinctively as kids, but somehow forgot on the way to adulthood. We got busy and overwhelmed, started valuing things that don’t matter, and learned to follow a ton of so-called rules:

  • Hate Mondays
  • Only celebrate when the calendar gives you permission
  • Don’t eat ice cream every day
  • Don’t make a mess
  • Don’t run in Spar’s parking lot
  • Hide your weirdness
  • Botox all your wrinkles away
  • Care what others think of you

Following these rules is a terrific way to stress you out, sap your energy, and ensure a boring life. But there’s a better way.

It’s time to stop living by someone else’s rules. Your life is a story, and a short one at that. Discover what small but mighty actions you can take today to turn your life into the fun, adventurous and exciting story you deserve.


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