#DoulaDiaries Why am I a doula

Falling pregnant with my Miss K, I had a lot of anxiety about the birthing process. It was fueled by my complete ignorance of what the process involved as well as the fear of birth itself. And to make matters worse- my gynae- fueled these fears.

But then with Lady Z the process changed. Why? Because of a wonderful lady I met, that was (guess!) a doula! I felt like my choices and desires were respected, not just tolerated. I felt like my birth team believed in me. My belief in the importance of women supporting women through the most significant times in their lives became so much more real.

I soon started realizing that not all of my peers were having the same experience. Some of them felt like nobody listened to their concerns or treated them like an individual. Some of them felt like they weren’t given all the information they needed to make choices.

I became a doula and felt like I was slipping into a comfortable old pair of shoes. I became me.

Being by a woman’s side as she becomes a mother is amazing. I tear up every time we hear that first cry. The magic never leaves me.

Maybe I’m the only person in the room who believes in you no matter what. Maybe I’m the only one telling you the truth about your strength. Maybe I’m the only person who respects and supports your choices, whatever they may be. When I’m your doula I’m on your side.

I advocate for you. I will hold your hand.

And I BELIEVE in you.



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