#LIAM diaries- Falling in love with a boy

Funny how we fall in love… Today I fell head over heels with a little boy I am truly happy to call my godchild.

Dear Liam,

Wow! I have never met a godchild in person this quickly… But here it goes…

My dear boy,

I promise to hold you close and safe. Today with your little hand in mine and your ear against my heart I realized that I would move worlds for you. That I would kill for you. Just as if you were my own son. The love that I felt for you is truly unmeasurable. You sleeping on my chest made the world stop for two hours. The sun was shining brighter and the world seemed okay at that time.

I want you to know that I am not ever going anywhere. You will always find me with the same perfume with a book in my hands. Look for me on park benches, on a stoep or under a tree.

I love you.

Just as my bond with your mom will never be broken, I promise to always be there for you. To listen, for advice or just if you need someone to tell you a story.

I love you.

Always yours.


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