It has been a year around the sun again. I always celebrate new years on the 7th of January, as it takes me at least 7 days to get my mind together. After all, I’m THAT mom!

  1. Traditional jobs are monotonous. I quit my job in 2012 as an editor at a major trade publication and would recommend it to anyone considering it too. It is boring, and often monotonous. This year it’s been 7 years. Build your own legacy and your own business if you can. Is it hard? Yes, it is. But it is truly rewarding.
  2. Independence is lovely.
  3. Money is important, but happiness is so much more. It is truly the little things in life. I could never see that but going through 2018 I can. Last year I reconnected with an old school friend and she showed me that it is truly the little things (in our case, seedlings) that matter. This year I want to focus more on happiness and less on the money.
  4. Travelling to and exploring new places is bliss. Travelling opens you to a new world- full of ideas, song and colour. This last year I managed to go to three different places- Woordfees in Stellenbosch, a little quick tour of the Eastern Freestate and a good couple of trips to Mpumalanga. Loved.Every.Part.Of.It.
  5. A family does matter. A long phone call to mom, a cup of coffee with my dad, drinks with the sibling. They’ll always be by our side, and these little things mean the world to them. And they’ll always mean the world to me. No support is greater than the support of your family.
  6. There will always be people who forget you, no matter how important you think they are. More often than not, these will be people whom you expect most from. Try to forget them too.
  7. Equally, some will always remember you and have faith in you, irrespective of whether you ask or not. Keep these friends, fight for them- with tooth and nail.
  8. There’s something about education. My agency allows me to come in contact with a lot of bright students. We may be just a generation apart, but the ambition, dedication and the passion in these minds about careers, hobbies and even the world at large, seems to reiterate the importance of education at every step.
  9. Writing is refreshing and offers a fresh perspective into whatever it is you are doing. Frankly, in a way, it allows me to be free. From simply jotting down whatever comes to my mind, to write detailed articles on mining and corporate stewardship, writing makes me organise my thoughts well and reach out to a larger audience.
  10. Building websites are fun. I am having a lot of fun, building interactive websites (for now) and applying the basics of Javascript to them. Hope to learn a lot more in the recent future.
  11. Meeting new people is awesome. Always be on the lookout for new and refreshing people to meet. Bounce ideas off them. If nothing, relax with them, have a drink. It may even be people who you have met before. Start anew. A little courtesy never hurt anyone.
  1. Never discourage someone, not even your greatest competitor. Greatness lies in every corner.
  2. Indulge and indulge now, if you feel like it. Moments lost, years gone by, will never come back.
  3. Challenge yourself. If you think you are getting too comfortable in one place, shake it up. See what better you can do. Exactly why I quit my job and branched out on my own.
  4. Help people. Do a bit of charity. Whatever less you have, there is always something to give. And trust me, the smile it generates, is well worth it.
  5. Nothing makes you feel better than a hearty run or a good workout. Exercise is essential to life itself.
  6. Keeping deep dark secrets will decay your mind. It is best to share them with someone.
  7. Embrace the new, do not fear it. The quintessential theme goes- “People fear what they do not understand”. And it is mightily true. We took our first steps as babies. If we feared that, we couldn’t have ever learnt to stand, and walk, and run, and do everything else. Don’t fear what you have not experienced yet, live it first.
  8. Keep memories. Because it is always pleasant to look back at them, reflect and ponder. (Hidden pics on iPhone anyone?)
  9. Be nice. A little kindness goes a long way. Treat others with respect.
  10. Because there are so few other things in which one can lose themselves and be teleported to another world. Fantasy, fiction, non-fiction. Will try to read anything and everything I can get my hands on.
  11. In the noise that surrounds us daily, conversations get lost. Listen to people, take that time, give them your undivided attention.
  12. For the things you love. For the company, you’ve built. For your family. For your friends.
  13. Take your time. In a furious world like the one, we have now, where everyone emphasises on ‘doing-it-now’, take a deep breath instead, ponder, weigh, and then decide.

I really love the turn my life has taken over this last year. Hope you are all loving it too.

Take care and have fun.

After all, life has just moved into racing mode. 

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