I’m a daughter, a mother, a sister, business owner and a friend. I’m also a parent and a doula. I’m a writer. I love helping people see the world differently and help them feel better about themselves. I’m all sorts of things …… and just because, I now give you this:

25 Random Things About Me

1. I am really bad at making small talk and have no sense of humor…

2. My most favourite thing to eat is BREAD followed closely by curry. I can live on breyani.

3. I can’t stand being cold – I absolutely hate winter. I always need to be warm. I drive with the heater on in my car during summer too.

4. I really don’t like watching TV.

5. I absolutely adore reading, but don’t do it nearly enough. Thankfully, I read crazy fast, so when I finally start reading, I finish a book quickly.

6. I have very little desire to travel anywhere that I can’t drive home from. I’d be willing to drive for 7 days straight, so I can travel pretty far. I just love driving. But I do fly- I just hate it.

7. I collect books.

8.  I really want to quit smoking.

9. I love working from home, so when the company grew, I decided to have offices build on my property as I enjoy having the kids around me. I also love working with women and especially other moms.

10. I LOVE coffee. I can’t live without it. Nothing makes me happier than a piping hot coffee.

11. I try really hard not to hurt other people’s feelings, even when I should probably say something for their own good or to stand up for myself.

12. I don’t understand how people don’t believe in God, and am thankful that I do. My strength is not enough to get me through this life, and I need Him to lean on.

13. I use only natural products and no products containing petrochemical by products or parabens. Same goes for my kids. (Except for Aunty Jackie for the kids hair!)

14. I hate fighting.

15. I never enjoyed pregnancy. But I LOVE babies so much.

16. I’m afraid of being buries alive. Hence, I am an organ donor.

17. I have two dogs that I love as much as my children.

18. I have never watched Game of Thrones, so for all of you people that use that show as reference, I have no idea what you’re talking about.  AND I have no desire to watch them. I did force myself to watch Twilight this year though, and I’m still confused.

19. I love the sound of my dad’s voice, and could listen to him talk all day long.

20. I own a PR Company and can’t see myself not doing it. I live and breathe PR.

21. I am always busy with something. I love going on vacation, but I always take my laptop and phone with. I am always connected to the outside world.

22. I love nothing more than to get my hair done on a regular basis. I even go to the salon once a week.

23. I drink copious amounts of water. Can someone actually drink too much water?

24. I love cooking. Not a little bit, but with every fibre of my being. It really makes me happy.

25. I am REALLY bothered by words and actions that are reactive as opposed to pro-active. I would rather fight for what’s right than to stand back and just let things happen. I truly believe that people don’t have to fail before they learn a lesson.

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