Who am I?

Welcome to That Mama, a blog where life is lived in all honesty, full of dreams and full of colour (with my rose-tinted glasses on!). Launched in 2016, That Mama is a creative outlet that features blog posts on natural living and parenting Here you’ll find honesty and my struggles being a business owner, mom and doula and lifestyle topics focused on living a minimalistic lifestyle.

My name is Heleen, and I am THAT mom. I was born and raised in Joburg and embrace nearly every stereotype (I have a love for second-hand bookshops and typing feverishly on my MacBook at some little coffee shop, sitting in the sun). I live for exploring my imagination, writing, helping others, cake indulging and travelling this colourful life with my two girls.

I could never think of my job as a job. It’s my passion and my happy place. I am an advertising campaign planner by trade that specialises in PR for industrial companies in the Johannesburg area. But if you’re asking if it pays the bills, well yes. I am also a doula that volunteers at the Hillbrow MOU, and my goal is to change the way women give birth at government institutions. It also seems like the best speciality to find innovative ways to fuse together wellness, creativity, and positivity.

I started this blog last year to write about my passions. It was a means to express all these bubbling ideas in my head. It was also a great excuse to avoid facing hundreds of pages of technical reading that I have to do in order to do my job! Since then, it has quickly evolved from a tiny blog to a blog with more than 6000 followers. Everything is always a work in progress, which pretty much feels like a perfect combination of determination and satisfaction.

The blog is named “THAT mama” because I am that mom that for some reason always forgets to pack the swimming gear, won’t have enough party packs or will forget it is parents evening. I write about it, so you don’t have to feel bad if you do the same.

Thank you for stopping by!

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