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Here is your CLOTH DIAPERING 101

Cloth diapering. Isn’t that something that hippies who don’t shave their armpits do? I use to think that with my first born. But it is not… Promise. I shave my armpits and my legs… Soon in my journey of natural Read more…

Bye Disposables, Hello Cloth!

I was a proud Pampers premium mom with Khloe. I use to giggle at moms that I thought had waaaay to much time on their hands that cloth diapered their babies. Who has got the time to wash and fold Read more…

REVIEW: Bumblebee Babies AIO

If you know me you would of know that I LOVE all things natural, and that would include cloth diapering. I am always happy to share experiences and what I find work for me with others. A while ago I Read more…

Why I am stopping cloth diapering.

Reasons why I stopped cloth diapering