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About me.

Who am I? Who knew that such a simple question would be so hard to answer? But after having this blog for 6 months now, maybe I should introduce myself. I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, business owner and a friend. I’m also a parent and a student. I’m a writer. I love helping…

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The Mom Hospital

As the owner of a digital advertising agency, I never really unplug- ever. And in all honesty I prefer it like that. When I am on my once a year vacation in December, I cart my laptop with so I don’t get to far behind on my emails. It is not weird over weekends for…

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To the depressed mom:

It’s okay. It is okay if you are sitting at work right now staring blankly at your screen. It is ok if you are at home curled up in a ball- looking but not seeing. Trying not to feel. Empty. Tired. Overwhelmed. It is okay if the only thing you did today was trying to…

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