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To the depressed mom:

It’s okay. It is okay if you are sitting at work right now staring blankly at your screen. It is ok if you are at home curled up in a ball- looking but not seeing. Trying not to feel. Empty. Read more…

Post Natal Depression- The monster in my closet

Due to a PM I received on my comment on the Hippie Parents Facebook group , I’m putting in a picture of how I imagine my Postnatal Depression Monster to look. I have often joked about how I refer to Read more…

Placenta encaptulation: Why I did it and would I do that again

There have been no real studies to this day that can prove that consuming your placenta after birth is going to save you from PND. Placenta encapsulation has gained a lot of traction in the past years but it is not a new practice. It has even part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Placenta encapsulation is said to assist in the alleviation of anxiety and fatigue as well as replace lost iron and nutrients in post parts women. So the “evidence” is largely based on personal experience and historical.