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Budget babywearing at its best.

I spend a lot of my time (maybe too much in all honesty) looking and researching woven wraps and the different fabric blends online. And I particularly love it when someone wants to learn how to wrap their baby as Read more…

“Yes, I still wear her…”

Toddlers are rarely worn for long periods of time; they like to be up and down a lot.  A good carrier will save your arms and back, let you leave the pram at home, and of course snuggle your big kid close when he needs it.

Washing your woven wrap 101- a quick guide

You get woven wraps in a variety of fiber combinations. In the beginning the choices that is out there can seem crazy and complicated. Below is a very basic list of blends and some washing instructions. (Thank you Didymos website!) Read more…

Carry me away- the history of wearing your baby

Baby wearing, or carrying a baby is as old as the human race itself. Images of children being carried in ancient Egypt has been discovered by archeologists and there are images of Native Americans carrying their babies and infants. Baby Read more…