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Dear Khloe,

Dear Kiki, This morning you asked me if I love work more than I love you and Zoe. The question breaks my heart, and as you are just 5, I’m pretty sure it was not designed to. Don’t worry; I don’t hold it against you. Daughters are meant to know and agitate their mother’s vulnerable…

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The Mom Hospital

As the owner of a digital advertising agency, I never really unplug- ever. And in all honesty I prefer it like that. When I am on my once a year vacation in December, I cart my laptop with so I don’t get to far behind on my emails. It is not weird over weekends for…

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How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Despite what most people seem to think (am I the only one whose friends/ husband think running a business means I sit in my pajamas all day eating cookies and play on Facebook), being a business owner often means super long hours, crazy stress, and never-ending to-do lists. Because I also happen to have a family,…

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